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Frequently asked questions

Who are Prepared Sounds?

Prepared Sounds is an arts enterprise based in Queensland, Australia and owned/managed by two of Australia's leading contemporary musicians, John Parker and Sean Foran. Learn more by reading the about page here.

Are my personal details given to Prepared Sounds protected?

Absolutely. We will not share your details in any way with any other parties and only use these details in order to respond to your needs in the most effective manner. Read our full Privacy Policy here.

Can I contact Prepared Sounds?

Yes, we always want to hear from our customers. Please refer to the contact page on our website to select your preferred contact method. We are also on Facebook, Youtube and twitter.

What should I know when ordering from the Prepared Sounds site?

All prices listed on the Prepared Sounds site are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

The final purchase cost for international orders will be calculated using the exchange rate at the time of sale plus any fees and/or charges imposed by your bank/credit provider.

What happens if I have made the wrong selection in my order?

If you make a purchase and find you are not satisfied with your order please contact us. We can offer you an exchange or refund of sale price once we receive the returned purchase.

Please speak to Prepared Sounds before you make your purchase so we may assist with any questions you may have.

Can my School or University purchase directly through your site?

Yes, we encourage schools and universities to set up an account with us enabling them to order easily online using purchase orders. Once your school/university account is set up you can order at any time and we will send you an invoice with your order. Orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Download a purchase order account setup form here (PDF format).

I am from overseas - can I purchase Prepared Sounds' works from OUTSIDE Australia?

Definitely. Order online and we will ship anywhere. Postage rates are clearly marked with your order. Contact the team via email at any time with any questions about your order.

Do Prepared Sounds accept submissions for new works?

Yes. Please contact us via email to discuss your music and how it can be included in our catalogue!

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